Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ16)

The EIQ16 measures 16 elements of emotional intelligence (EI) covering 4 key areas: reading people, using emotions, understanding emotions, and managing emotions. The instrument is suitable for selection and development applications and for different types of client, e.g., leaders, first-time managers, individual contributors, administrative staff, health care workers, and students. The feedback report provides a rich picture of the test taker's emotional intelligence traits and competencies along with development tips.


Category Emotional intelligence traits and competencies
Uses Selection programs, assessment and development centers, training courses, coaching, university learning modules
Audience Leaders, first-time managers, executives, administrative workers, health care workers, students
Measures 4 EI domains, 16 EI competencies, impression management
Time 10-15 minutes
Norms Very large international reference group
Reliability Internal consistency
Validity Construct and criterion-related
Report Integrated text and graphics, guidance style, suitable for test takers and test users, publication quality
Price £25.00 (GBP)


"The EIQ16 measures attributes consistent with other EI measures, and thus not coincidently its criterion validity data are consistent with what is found in analyses of standard EI measures … The report is comprehensive and informative … this reviewer would generally recommend it as a developmental tool for test takers to get an accurate snapshot of their behavioral emotional intelligence." Buros Center for Testing


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Use the following resources to develop your knowledge and understanding of the assessment and how to use it and interpret results.

What the test measures, executive summary, profile of emotional traits and competencies, performance improvement tips and suggestions.

Concept model, relationship to other measures, interpretation of scores and scales, test design and development, reliability, validity, and norms.

Preparation guide for test takers on purpose of the assessment, what the assessment measures, and instructions on how to complete it.

Short YouTube presentation covering purpose, concept model, design and development, domains and elements, and technical properties.

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