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MySkillsProfile offers innovative and scientifically advanced personality and behavioral assessments to help measure abilities and competencies and improve on-the-job performance. You can rely on our straightforward and reliable online testing service to help you evaluate, select, develop, and promote talent. Our feedback reports provide unique insights into candidate and employee workplace behaviors, capabilities, and potential. Our goal is to help you make informed people decisions, develop employees, and improve business results.


Our personality assessments are designed to measure personality and motivational characteristics that influence and predict work performance. In recruitment and selection, they help sift candidates and identify those most likely to succeed. In team building, coaching and development, they increase awareness of and help build Bright Side traits that help people succeed and manage Dark Side traits that tend to trip people up and derail careers.

Work Personality Survey (WPS)
Assesses 20 workplace personality characteristics covering the Bright Side and the Dark Side of a candidate's personality.
Creative Style Questionnaire (CSQ)
Measures 5 dimensions of creative style indicating whether an individual has an adaptive or innovative style of thinking and problem solving.
Motivation Questionnaire (MQ)
Measures 20 dimensions covering 3 domains of self-determination theory: autonomy, relatedness, and competence.

Personality and EI assessments change behavior and enhance career and leadership potential.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Our emotional intelligence assessments are designed to measure key elements of emotional intelligence and mindfulness. They help you look through the lens of EI and select and develop executives with a balance of skills and strengths across important EI competencies. Organizations that invest in emotional competence training because they view it as a key executive skill find that team working, job satisfaction, and business performance improve, and excellent results follow.

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ16)
Measures emotional intelligence competencies covering 4 branches (reading emotions, using emotions, understanding emotions, and managing emotions).
Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Questionnaire (EIQ16-R)
Measures emotional intelligence competencies covering 4 branches and 3 areas of mindfulness.
Personality and Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (PEIQ)
Provides an integrated summary of an individual’s personality traits and emotional intelligence competencies.

HR Practitioners and Test Administrators

Assess a group of candidates for a job or a group of employees for development.

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Our leadership assessments are designed to measure the essential, must-have management and leadership skills and competencies that aspiring and experienced leaders need at every level to stand out and lead successfully in an uncertain world. They will help you assess leader readiness and fit and create tailored learning and development programs to improve leader performance and impact.

Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI)
Assesses 20 leadership and management competencies covering 4 functions: developing the vision, sharing the goals, gaining support, and delivering success.
Management and Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ30)
Measures 15 management competencies and 15 leadership competencies providing an in-depth analysis of an individual’s management and leadership capability.
Three Sixty Questionnaire (TSQ)
Measures 25 universal management and leadership competencies or can be tailored to assess competencies in individual company frameworks.

Leadership assessments showcase strengths and reveal weaknesses and blind spots.


Sales professionals need to possess strategic thinking skills, business acumen, and interpersonal competencies to help create excellent sales experiences that customers value. Our selling skills assessment is designed to help build sales capability in these areas and make sales professionals better at their jobs.

Sales Competencies Questionnaire (SCQ)
Measures 13 sales competencies covering 3 key areas of selling: strategy and business focus, work ethic and resilience, and interpersonal skills.

Mental skills assessments help athletes compete to their full potential.


The aim of sport psychology is to help athletes compete as close as possible to their 100 percent theoretical potential. This requires ability to handle stress, pressure, anxiety, and nerves associated with competition. Our sport personality assessment is designed to measure the mental skills level/mental toughness of athletes in order to help sport psychologists and coaches work with athletes to improve confidence and mental skills.

Sport Personality Questionnaire (SPQ20)
Measures 20 mental skills covering 4 areas of mental toughness: work ethic, confidence, sportsmanship, and aggressiveness.

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